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The redoubtable Baroness Trumpington

Lord Norton

I know a number of readers are fans of Baroness Trumpington, who has already been the subject of one or two of my posts.  A reader who definitely falls in that category has drawn my attention to a story on her written earlier this year by Quentin Letts.  You can read the story here.  I…

A national treasure

Lord Norton

At Question Time earlier this month, the redoubtable Baroness Trumpington asked about the practice employed by some charities of sending cash through the post.  The minister, Baroness Crawley, indicated that it was a practice to be deprecated.  Baroness Trumpington went on to ask: “If the Government have the power to stop this objectionable practice, why…

Wit of Westminster – 2

Lord Norton

Some of the most amusing comments in the House have come from the formidable Baroness Trumpington (second from the right in the photograph).  Over the years – she was elevated to the peerage in 1980 – she has come out with a number of notable one-liners. A few years ago, there was a question on the…