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A fitting tribute

Lord Norton

Wednesday of last week was the final sitting day before the summer recess.  The conclusion of the sitting was unusual because members broke into applause.   It was the last sitting presided over by the current Lord Speaker, Baroness Hayman.   As she left the chamber, peers broke into spontaneous applause, in appreciation of all her work as our…

New Lord Speaker

Lord Norton

The House has elected a new Lord Speaker:  Baroness D’Souza (pictured).  She will take up the post on 1 September, succeeding Baroness Hayman.  You can read details, including the breakdown of the votes, here.  Baroness D’Souza led in every round, being elected, after four candidates were eliminated, by 296 votes to 285 for Lord Colwyn.

The Lord Speakership

Lord Norton

There are six candidates to succeed Baroness Hayman as Lord Speaker.  They are: Lord Colwyn (Con), Lord Desai (Lab), Baroness D’Souza (cross-bench), Lord Goodlad (Con), Baroness Harris of Richmond (Lib Dem), and Lord Redesdale (Lib Dem).  Each has issued an election address (limited to 75 words).   Three (Colwyn, Desai and Redesdale) stress the self-regulating nature…

Revitalising the chambers

Lord Norton

I attended a Hansard Society lecture on Wednesday of last week given by the Speaker, John Bercow, on revitalising the chamber of the Commons.  You can read the lecture here.  He identified various ways in which more members could be attracted to the chamber to participate.    In response to a question, he expressed support for select…

The Lords Resume – and reforms

Lord Soley

Monday sees the return of Peers to the chamber of the House. The recess always leaves the House feeling a bit empty even if you do see Lords there from time to time – usually dealing with correspondence, using the library or having meetings of one type or another. We will be dealing with some final…