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The Assisted Dying Bill

Lord Norton

Some people query the value of Private Members’ Bills on the grounds that relatively few make it to the statute book.  My view is that they are extremely valuable for raising issues, getting them debated and, in so doing, testing the arguments for and against.  Some of the issues covered by Private Members’ Bills attract far…

Assisted Dying Bill, two days to go.

Baroness Murphy

Regular blog followers will know I am a strong supporter of Lord Falconers’s Bill to enable those who are terminally ill and within 6 months of death, to request assistance to die at a time of their choosing. It makes sense to me as a clinician who has worked all my life with older people…

Attracting media attention

Lord Norton

 In response to my earlier post on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, Bedd Gelert made some suggestions as to how the House of Lords might increase its media profile.  I have responded to his comments but I thought it may be helpful to reproduce my response here.  He mentions that there is merit in…