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‘Pointless’ or just not enough of a priority?

Lord McConnell

If the TV show Pointless asked contestants to name countries with UN peacekeeping missions then the Central African Republic would almost certainly be a ‘pointless’ answer: one that no-one was able to guess. Yet, in this country with a population smaller than Scotland (4.6 million) thousands were murdered, raped and mutilated at the end of…

Living Below the Line 2012: My Diary

Lord McConnell

Here, in my five-day diary, I reveal how I survived on porridge, water and vegetable soup as part of my Live Below the Line campaign 2012. THE RULES I have to live on £1 a day for five consecutive days. Worldwide, 1.4billion people live on this. Thankfully, my £1 a day is just food and drink, not everything…