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School of Law – Abu Dhabi and Palestine

Lord Soley

I am writing this from Abu Dhabi. I came here last Saturday and am returning tomorrow night. My purpose was to establish a post graduate school of law with outreach to Palestine in order to advance the rule of law in the region. Zayed University http://www.zu.ac.ae/main/en/ is going to host it as a Masters degree and…

Middle East Rule of Law

Lord Soley

Following my discussion with the High representative of Palestine in the UK and the Emirates Ambassador the post graduate school of law is now well on its way to completion and hopefully will take students from Palestine later this year. I think they are being a little optimistic about starting this year but enthusiasm counts…

Libya and the Middle East

Lord Soley

  It is a humbling experience to watch the incredible bravery of the Libyan people and the cool headed approach of so many Arabs in the current upheavals throughout the region. None of us can be sure how this will end but I am personally very encouraged and more inclined to optimism than pessimism. For years…