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Lord Tyler

The public, egged on by the media, think that MPs – and Peers too perhaps – are just mindless robots. They accuse Parliamentarians of being the creatures of the Party Whips, voting as they are told rather than as they believe. The common perception is of a herd of sheep, rather than a collection of…


Lord Tyler

Luck – that is what dominates so much of life in Parliament. Both in the Commons and in the Lords Members will admit that they have been as often lucky as skilful in their successes. And, indeed, bad luck can be even more devastating than bad judgement. I was reminded of this yesterday, and then…

Lords keeping up with events

Lord Tyler

The House of Lords has a fusty reputation, always behind the times. But we can move quite quickly if we want to. There is a new item for our business today: we will be interrupted for an hour or so for the Government to tell us what is happening in the row with the Russians.…