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Intergovernmental Organisations Select Committee

Lord Soley

We shall be taking evidence from the Government Departments dealing with communicable diseases tomorrow (Monday). This session is open to the public. To attend just come to the House of Lords and ask to go to the Intergovernmental Organisations Select Committee hearing. As long as there is room in the public area (and there should…


Lord Soley

On Wednesday there was a question calling on the BBC to make daily announcements of business in Parliament on the main news channels. I have some sympathy with this idea although doing it in a formalised way might not attract much attention. I drew attention to the Director General’s recent announcement indicating that he was…

Intergovernmental Organisations Committee

Lord Soley

The Ad Hoc Intergovernmental Organisations Select Committee was set up late last year. I had argued the case for a select committee to examine the way the government uses taxpayers money with intergovernmental organisations and to consider how contemporary issues of international policy are addressed through United Kingdom membership of intergovernmental organisations (excluding the European…