Relations with Continental Europe

Lord Hylton

After many comments and much discussion, I have come to the conclusion that remaining in a customs union gives the best hope for peace in Ireland, for the unity of the United Kingdom, and for prosperity in Great Britain.



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  1. maude elwes
    28/02/2018 at 6:03 pm

    Sadly, Lord Hylton, I disagree with you profoundly and from the depth of my soul.

    We must politically separate from Europe completely if we are to have any hope of prosperity. Your trust in this organisation is misguided. And I am a lover of Europe, the continent and the people.

    And here is a good example of life outside the questionable democracy called the EU. This country leads with Direct Democracy. Had we had such democracy we would not be in this mess we are experiencing now.

    • 29/03/2018 at 4:31 pm

      If Life-on-Earth-Itself has to depend upon “what you mean by Democracy” – and then by “Direct-Democracy” –
      we shall perish waiting for them to become both needs-effective and longest-term-sustainworthy.

      According to historical-scrutiny, there has never yet been an effective democracy on this Earth –
      especially no Egalitarianly Holistic Needs Governing Cooperatively Participative-Democracy.

      The nearest approach yet has been the Two-Party [- and occasionally perhaps Three-Party -] Top-Down Oligarchic State.
      The World Predicament
      [not just our “little Brexit predicament”]
      is, however, much worse than all that corrupt and corrupting “spin-wording”
      and “constitutional politically-correct hijacking” of terminologies
      and falsification of legal-definitives
      [such as “shot-in-back-by-own-troopps” being “friendly-fire”;
      and “machine-gunning the foreign neighbours” being “ethnicly-cleansing” them] –

      this Earth’s Bio- and Non-Bio- Lifesupports
      are by ourselves
      [the total present Humankind]-on-Earth]
      hugely extincted,
      and both “mindlessly” or “senselessly” wasted too.
      So Please give us the concealed titles and authors
      of the truly leading Earthlife and Humankind-Future publications –
      there must be scores of them – gives many of these, that are being ignored by both our establishmental-governments and our universities, education, health, and citizenship sectors – clearly having practically no effect whatsoever –
      (n such are
      (1) ‘Sitting In The “Fire” ‘ international-organisations and large-communities conflict-resolution Worldwork,’ spokespersoned’ by Prof Arnold Mindell;
      (2) ‘The Divide’ by Prof Hickel;
      (3) ’23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism’
      by Professor Ha-Joon Chang;
      (4) ‘Our Final Century ?’ by Sir Martin Rees;

      (5) and one of the much needed ‘personal-individual-protection’ books
      ‘The Self-Care Project’ by Jayne Hardy
      who has been there, done that, and ‘got the T-shirt’,
      “these are precious precious words on how to emerge” from the “insidiously-creeping-mental-illness” abyss engulfing more and more of us).

  2. Senex
    05/03/2018 at 9:32 am

    John Kerr now Lord Kerr of Kinlochard alluded to the lack of a leaving mechanism in an interview with Andrew Gray of online magazine on March 28, 2017 where he discussed how Article 50 became part of the Lisbon Treaty.

    Some equations that might have made their way into Article 50:

    ΣX=0 the ideal outcome for 28 member states….. (1)

    The European Commission limits the number of factors that must be considered (fn) to 100. Each factor (f) is assigned a score of +9 thru -9 then summed by each member state in (2) for impact.

    Σf=X the impact analysis….. (2)

    Some imagined factors:

    Fishing: Austria with no access to the sea gives this a score of zero. Ireland gives it a score of +5 and Spain -3. Taxation: Germany gives this a score of -9. The UK gives this a score of +9. Defence: Contributors to NATO give negative scores. Finance: Luxembourg gives a score of -8. Trade: France gives a score -4 whilst Spain gives a score of -6. Trade: the UK gives a negative score. Leisure: Spain gives a negative score. And so the process continues for each member state.

    On conclusion scores from (2) are summed in (1). The ideal outcome of (1) is a zero-sum, no impact whatsoever. As you can see the issue of customs is only one factor in many.

    Ref: Article 50: Secretary-General of the European Convention,
    Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe, 2002-2003

  3. Richard Lock
    18/03/2018 at 6:37 pm

    I disagree with you completely, there is no reasonable argument that can be proven by the remain point of view and your comment is in keeping with the general tone of the remain argument. All bluster, all supposition etc backed by the words of someone who, in other times, would have been described very differently.

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