I always thought we liked each other…

Baroness Murphy

We can all understand the emotional pull for an independent Scotland, even if the nation’s ‘branding’ was largely created in the nineteenth century. It’s more difficult to understand the logical intellectual reasons; the drive to independence seems more based on not being British ie not governed from Westminster, dominated by a London-centric economy  and  the current coalition than obvious positives.  It hasn’t occurred to the Scots that people in Cornwall, Birmingham and Newcastle feel the same way? But I must confess to feeling surprisingly hurt by the discovery that so many people north of the border feel they don’t like the rest of the nation; here is a people I have greatly admired, been proud to call part of us, deciding that they want to divorce after a three hundred year marriage which has seen us become one of the most successful unions in the world. Ridiculously perhaps, when I went into my local town Harleston in Norfolk to buy raspberries yesterday there were only Scottish raspberries, with a saltire stamped on the label. I felt so irritated I didn’t buy any…..petty and idiotic of course but right now its how I feel.

In the long run if the Scots were to go, the impact on the UK would be greater than when the Irish Free State was established in 1922, although that event split my Irish in-laws’ family in a profound and difficult way, but not much greater. And Ireland was in violent turmoil for 50 years after the split. The forming of a nation is not easy; difficulties would emerge in Scotland too. But whatever happens today the genie is out of the bottle, hatreds have been stirred up by this referendum which won’t be easily squashed back down. I’m reminded that  psychiatrists used to believe that ‘catharsis’, or ‘letting it all hang out’ was a positive, now we know that catharsis generates emotions which were not there before and are surprisingly difficult to deal with afterwards. The Scots have their catharsis today, whichever way the vote, the Union is damaged, but I profoundly hope only temporarily.

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  1. maude elwes
    18/09/2014 at 10:30 am

    Well your comment in the heading of this thread doesn’t add up to me. They have been suffocated by the Westminster team since Thatcher. There has been no real socialist party offered to the entire British people since. The ‘landslide’ victory for Tony Blair turned out to be a capitalist con which grew darker by the day. Do you really believe the Scots can trust a word they hear from that House now?



    • LB
      18/09/2014 at 2:51 pm

      There has been no real socialist party offered to the entire British people since.


      yes there has. The entire welfare state is socialist. Take the money – spend it – then when you have to pay it back – default. Blame some else. etc.

      The welfare state has a 7,200 bn pension debt and no assets to pay it.

      The welfare state is bust.

      The public are screwed as usual.

      It’s worse. A 26.5K worker – median wage, who has just retired is out over a million. They have lost a million quid, because instead of the NI being invested, it went on 5 a day coordinators and peers expenses.

      So they are screwed, because for the last 45 years we’ve had a socialist welfare state.

      • maude elwes
        18/09/2014 at 4:27 pm

        The entire ‘Welfare State’ is paid for by the tax payers of the UK. And it is not paid by them to fund banking frauds, corporate fiddling, slave wages for the hard working class and for the political freak show we presently live under.

        Scotland have the very good fortune to be in a position today to free themselves of tyrants the kind of what we see in our newspapers and on the BBC. Now here is a guy who has a very different point of view to the hogwash you get from the stat stooges who like living off the ‘welfare’ paid for by us all, but, who have no right to a penny of it at all.


        However, I give it to Neil in this programme, at very least he allowed the guy on the YES side to have a say. The BBC must have had the finger from somewhere.

  2. MilesJSD
    23/09/2014 at 9:39 am

    Back in the 199Ts a worldwide movement to convert the increasing “brittlenesses” of already “Brittle Societies”
    was launched by USA and the British Commonwealth of Nations

    The Englishman Robert Theobald informed it and went up-front, as leader into a new thoroughgoing “Resilient Communities Founding”.

    The whole thing has since slowly been “disappeared”, “drowned”
    doubtless by the Ultra-Successful
    New Global English-Speaking
    World-Egalitarian Society.
    20 years later:
    Along comes one brand new young Etonian Tory PM David Cameron,
    who does a brilliantly clever extension of Thatcherist commandeering of Scottish North Sea Oil for the bonanza fattening of the private-purses and personal infrastructures of the English Upper Classes and Establishment,
    calling it the “We’re All In This Together Big Society”

    Only months later this Mr Cameron is again on the TV news screen, announcing emphatically that
    “Britain is a Broken Society”.
    A few months further, and Mr Cameron aided and abetted by The Queen, ex-PM Gordon Brown, and numbers of expert spin-doctors and journalists, succeeds in promising, nay ‘fooling’, the majority of the Scottish People that
    “Vote in favour of Union with England and we’ll give you great new powers and supports”.

    It comes out those Promises were a Pack-of-Lies.
    The “catharsis” that surely now already will be building and entraining to erupt
    will now include the huge loss of confidence in
    ‘World-Leading’ English
    but Unfit-For-Purpose, Outrightly Bad, “Democratic-Governance” –

    – not just throughout we English now turning alongside the deceived Scots majority,
    but throughout the English-speaking World of Safe-Democratisation-Needing Peoples.

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