Household power vacuum?

Lord Tyler

Thought for the day:   how come powerful vacuum cleaners have to be restricted by agreement of Europe’s Governments – not, of course, just by the European Commission – while powerful cars have no such constriction?  Could it be that those Governments are male dominated, and cars are “boys’ toys”, while those same politicians don’t have much experience of household appliances?

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  1. MilesJSD
    02/09/2014 at 9:13 pm

    That’s corruption , too, isn’t it ? And what makes professional-mind corruption so much worse is that it corrupts millions of ordinary people iunto living less-than-good-and-healthy lives, and jobs too.

    Unfortunately, by a process of inductive argumentation, you yourself stand not behind the ‘fan’ this is hitting but in front of it. notwithstanding your apparently possible place on the magpie or outer rather than (“) those male dominated Governments (“) who are in the ‘bull’ or the inner, eh – ha ?

  2. maude elwes
    03/09/2014 at 4:40 pm

    All I can say on this thread is, I for one woman, thank goodness we are predominantly male operated. The influx of women has done nothing for my gender. Yes, I mean nothing. They are a class of women who not only deny women their femininity, they ridicule it and want to remove it from society altogether. Forcing us to be pseudo men, pretending we get a thrill when we lead and dominate. That only works with little boys.

    Vacuum cleaners, high or low power, are not going to come and bite us in the rump, but these ‘faux amiss’ women who appear to have little or nothing at all in common with women of the world are what is behind the obvious nursery like dominance we are currently facing as a nation. Most politically correct policies are as a result of overwhelming feminine leanings. A weak education system, a dominant controlling social services, who resemble a gestapo like stance in their need to force neurotic notions down our throats.

    Lets look at a few of them. A ban on smoking edging its way toward a total shut down on cigarettes and cigars, whilst, various other drugs to be tolerated. Schools where children must not be trained in the three R’s as so many of the teachers have no ability in this direction. And of course, a desire to make sure the children have no freedom of thought, or, brilliance. No child must have thoughts above the station of the idiot and to make sure that doesn’t happen, lets fill those seats of higher learning with those who really don’t have a grasp on the alphabet. Makes it easier to demand positions in parliament for the remedial class. They, of course, being much less hassle when it comes to shoving through House policy they can’t understand or have no idea the long term outcome once in motion.

    Single motherhood and the end of marriage is another promotion of the female gender. All in the name of raising the female’s right to roll over drunk as a skunk on a Friday night. Just like the boys, they must have equality. Rather than raise the boys to the standard of gallantry real women want. Then, of course, there is the rape issue. What a farce that is becoming, like in Sweden where a man can be accused of rape because of whatever the going put down is that month, he must obey. What we are seeing is the emasculation of our boys and men. The one thing feminine women really don’t want is effeminate males, constantly on a leash and being told how high he can jump. If indeed he can jump at all. That is definitely not sexy. And an effeminate government is not sexy to the world either.

    Just watch the modern movies coming out of the US. The girls all make the moves on the boys. She leads in every aspect of his life. So, rather than his protection coming to the fore, she gives him hers. She becomes his, must be obeyed, mother. Then wonders why he doesn’t want to work and waits for her to pay the bills, then doesn’t want her between the sheets. She is, after all his equal and certainly doesn’t bring out a desire in him to care for her. She likes to kill her own snakes and squash her own spiders. Tough and formidable is this super woman.

    This whole thing sickens me. And the idea that the female of the species wants to watch nothing but crones on TV showing us how mannish they can be, and that we want more of it, is simply laughable. Heavy handed females are an abhorrence to women. They like a good strong forever chivalrous male. And to remove them from society because these oddly masculine women want to run the show, with the equivalent small mindedness of kindergarten, is creating a sinking Britain.

    PS: The one thing I never contemplate, on any level, is a female lawyer in a firm of head cut off female chambers, and likewise GP surgery. They are always in a perpetual form of uncontrollable disorganization and then blame the client or patient for creating their discontent. It invariably ends up with the poor client/patent having to look elsewhere for solace.

    So, vacuum cleaners are the domain of men. They like mechanical workings and the internal sense they are making the women in their lives happier when they show their brilliance in such a concept. And I, as a woman, like them that way.

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