Bio fuels and the armed forces

Lord Soley

I asked a question yesterday about the use of bio fuels by the armed forces and got a terribly complacent reply especially as this was the day the UN climate change panel published its latest report.
Other nations are using bio fuels for their armed forces for both security reasons and to reduce Co2 emissions The US is leading here with their navy expecting to have all their operations using 50% bio fuels by 2020. There are already advanced performance aircraft flying on 50% bio fuels. The Italians are using it, so are the Dutch, Australians and others. Sadly we are way behind and the Ministers reply was depressing. See the exchange here:
It is even more depressing because I spoke to the Ministers office and to him personally shortly before I asked the question and had to explain about the advanced use of bio fuels by the US and others! It does suggest we are not keeping up with this fast moving technology.
I shall pursue this matter.

2 comments for “Bio fuels and the armed forces

  1. Honor Causa
    02/04/2014 at 6:02 pm

    I understand that much of the British Navy is submarine these days so it would be surprising if they use anything but nuclear fuel. I dont know whether we shall see the new Aircraft Carrier in operation and what that will be fuelled by; nuclear presumably. Is taht bio-? I’ve never quite understood the meaning of bio except made from banana alcohol or similar, which sounds rather silly.

    • P.Selvaratnam
      07/04/2014 at 1:36 pm

      Bio-fuel (for cutting down carbon content of air) – using biological matter, viz plant matter, to get energy as growing plants use up carbon dioxide.

      Alcohol production increases the carbon content of air as production of alcohol is accompanied by formation of carbon dioxide.

      So, consumption of alcohol isn’t a good thing for the atmosphere – it isn’t good for our health either.

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