The text of my letter to the Times of 14th January 2014 about Syria

Lord Hylton

On Page 1 of the Times for January 13th you imply that those MPs who signed the “Time Running Out” letter all want to arm the Syrian rebels.  In fact they called for strengthening the hands of those attending the Geneva II conference.

 This would help the agreeing of ceasefires and the ending of sieges.  It also means finding non-violent political solutions to the present impasse.  Such is the most likely path towards “a democratic, secular and tolerant future for Syria”.

 It would also be good if the religious leaders inside Syria would unite to give a lead to the politicians.


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  1. Gareth Howell
    17/01/2014 at 1:39 pm

    If you can imagoine Belgravia being separated from Soho by walls and fortifications 20′ high to defend each from the other, then you have understood what the historical problems of Aleppo are. If you father had fighter pilot training with the RAF then you may even be the type who does not mind doing the thankless work of hereditary president, of not just different dominations of the same faith, but different ones entirely, just sitting it out, for ever and ever.

    Heroics are pointless.

    • Lord Hylton
      Lord Hylton
      21/01/2014 at 11:27 am

      Thanks for your comment

  2. Gareth Howell
    17/01/2014 at 8:47 pm

    Watching, as I rarely do, a bbc film about the Favela gang warfare
    in Buenos Aires, it is quite likely that the same ghetto like separations of the individual gangs, in no go areas, are just the same, and probably more amenable to “conflict resolution” than
    any in Syria. They are probably all potentially Catholic!

    Syria is trendy, or is it banale?

  3. maude elwes
    21/01/2014 at 11:25 pm

    Syria is another Iraq style set up. We have already taken in more than 2,000 of their refugees, whilst our own are line up at food banks. Our news is filled with nothing but Syria and unprovable pictures intended to overshadow what is going on right here in this country. We are so firmly up the rear of the US it is becoming sickening to listen to, and the anger grows accordingly.

    Time to centre on the British people and their dreadful plight of homelessness and starvation. Where are our Christian soldiers?

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