Points for Discussion on the Future of the EU

Lord Hylton

This letter (published in the Tablet) contains the main thrust of my views on the EU, and the ten points reflect various things that were said during the foreign affairs debate of 15th May.

“Congratulations on your leaderof 11th May.  We certainly should not turn our backs on our neighbours.  Let’s remember that we went to war in 1914 for Belgium and Serbia, and in 1939 for Poland.  Today the common good agenda is a long one.  We were guarantors of the integrity of Cyprus, now alas partitioned since 1974.  We intervened in Kosovo in 1999, and were among the first to recognise its independence. Much remains to be resolved about its relations with Serbia, but it is hard to see this being achieved except in the context of the EU.  Bosnia-Herzegovina is another case, where a wider framework could help defuse issues of identity and tradition.

Europe still has a long way to go before it can regard itself as fully at peace, fully collegial and respecting the principle of subsidiarity. Englagement, I suggest, should become compatible with reform in Brussels and a lesser burden of bureaucracy.  Much remains to be done and Britain can make a positive contribution.  As Catholics, let us strive for reunion with our Orthodox brothers and sisters.”

Points for Discussion on the Future of the EU:

1:  Subsidiarity/Regions/Regional Policy

2:  Enhancing powersdDuties of National Parliaments – “States Rights”

3:  Completion of Single Market

       Monopolies, Competition Policy. “Too big to fail”

       Evasion of taxes, money laundering

4:  Implementation of  Rules once made

       Containment of Central Budget

5:  EU/US etc Free Trace

6:   Extension of membership to all SE Europe

        Impact on Constitution of six new members, without Turkey

7:  Climate Change

8:  Energy policy

      Diversity of supplies.  Interconnections

9:  Trans-national Crime


        Reform of Drug Laws. Cyber security

10:  Migration and Neighbourhood policy

          Demographics.  Age structures


6 comments for “Points for Discussion on the Future of the EU

  1. Lord Blagger
    31/05/2013 at 9:29 pm

    There is the obvious stuff missing.

    1. What to do about the lack of democracy with people like you dictating to others.

    2. Secrecy. Why is your attendance a state secret?

    3. Ponzi pensions. With the ONS putting the pensions debts at over 5,300 bn, lots of people are going to be destitute. Not that the lords would know, they have their club paying them lots of expenses (without checks)

    4. The slaughter in the NHS. 40,000 a year killed from avoidable cases. The only one likely to affect the lords.

    The NHS, helping you from the cradle to the grave, as quickly as possible.

  2. MilesJSD
    03/06/2013 at 3:24 pm

    Europe is increasingly obviously side-skidding down the even more insidious enveloping Overpopulated-Overconsumptive, Undereducative, and Under-Self-Aware World-Slippery Slope;

    dragging all the True EarthLife, Peoples, Divided Sustainworthy Would-Be-Communities, ecolonomicly-national-bodies, Individuals, and Exemplarily-Emulable leaders with it.
    Your “Let’s All Be Catholics and Orthodox Christians and “Win” that way, is tantamount to ‘warmongering’, Lord Hylton, don’t you think, being by now in possession of both Method III and the three principles of good-communication and honest-argumentation ?
    Some British people are trying to live ‘better’,
    now in the down-to and up-from The Earth sense sustain-worthily.

    Neither the British middle, upper, establishmentarian, judicial, religious nor “Union” half-minds nor their ‘oppos’ abroad are making any contribution whatsoever in this essentially sustain-worthy Sense;
    but their subjected sustainworthy people’s budgetary essentials are being worse than wasted,
    no human today in any organisation of any short-term sustainability and power is contributing, only blood-sucking upon the multiple-human-livings each is being gagged by, and is now insidiously-deludedly drawing.
    Since christians bide a europe divine, Devils construct bigger blockages all-around us.

    God should not be allowing it and, in view of the now-increasingly-bloodily-evident multi-dividednesses of Europe,
    (and for my Faith)
    probably is not.

  3. lawrencevanrijn
    05/06/2013 at 12:22 pm

    Your Lordship,

    I have mentioned some of these issues on several of my blogs (will not bore you with details).
    3 – a. Dutch SNS Reaal bank (now nationalised, was too big to fail).
    b. Evasion of taxes (Google, amazon, Stemcor and soon very likely Microsoft too).
    9 – Data and Cyber security have been issues for a long time. The Equens scandal in the Netherlands only highlighted the dangers and fears. A danger Microsoft might be adding to.

    These issues are not just EU issues, they still need resolving to some or greater extent in most of the Commonwealth nations as well.

    The thought is that these issues should be solved to greater extent in the UK before raising them in the EU. If not, then it is not impossible that ‘improvements’ are dictated for the EU by France, Germany or even the Netherlands and not the UK.

    Kind regards,

    Lawrence van Rijn

    • maude elwes
      06/06/2013 at 7:48 am

      I agree with LVR. However, Blagger hits it on the head as what they are doing is indeed legal. There lies the deceit by government. Their aim is to rob the poor and give it to those who pay their perks.

      And this will continue to lower the standard of living for us all. Except the thieves at the top. But they are thieves who re not only encouraged by government, they are given the means to rob and continue to rob, because as we see on video, those in the position of trust are as bent as those who pay them.

      And of course, they are not guilty are they? They do nothing unlawful. Indeed they are simply following the line that comes directly from the top.

      • Lord Blagger
        06/06/2013 at 10:26 am

        You misread what I’ve written.

        The State pension system is illegal. It is a ponzi.

        They do not report the debts, and that is putting people are risk of a loss.

        That is a criminal offence, and the relevant law is the 2006 fraud act, sections 1 through 5.

        What they will do is make it legal.

        However, the question of where the money is going, you have it wrong.

        5% of the money each year goes in charges. Something never mentioned when people critise high private pension charges (Less than 0.2% is possible)

        The money is going on the Philpotts of this world. Or this one.

        On benefits, 2,500 on a TV, out of your money.

  4. Lord Blagger
    05/06/2013 at 4:43 pm

    Where is the evasion? There isn’t any, or they would be in court.

    They are just looking at the rules and say, look if we organise our business to be in Ireland for example, its cheaper.

    The big issues remains the same. The state ponzi pensions and the NHS with 40,000 avoidable deaths each year.

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