Queen’s speech and the constitution

Lord Soley

I spoke on House of Lords reform (again!) in the Queens speech and like a growing number of members indicated that the way forward should be to set up a constituional convention as recommended in the alternative report on the draft Bill. This would allow us to look at the need for reform of the Commons as well as the Lords.
Electing the Lords begs the question of who will do good scrutiny of legislation if the Lords becomes another chamber dominated by the political party’s. You can read the speech here – I spoke at 4.52pm.

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  1. MilesJSD
    14/05/2012 at 9:12 pm

    Evidently the British Constitution is utterly at odds with The Human Race’s and therein the British Peoples’ vital Needs & Hows for Longest-Term* sustainment and sustainworthiness of both our Lifesupports and our Rational Governance thereof.

    In short, your un-improvingly-entrenched Constitution actually aids and abets the Over-Extinction of our Bio-Renewable lifesupports and the Over-Destruction of our Non-Renewable resources.

    “Scrutiny” and all other “Governance” is thus rendered as effective as the democratic snapshotting, by billions of ‘privately owned’ mobile-phones, of “The World In Flames”
    whilst Firebrigades, Water-helicopters, and Preventive-Firebreak Teams doze, feet up, “not our pay-grade” unconcerned and mind-functionally unaware.
    * Longest-Term = for however many tens-of-thousands of years it will take for our Human Race to emigrate to a better or more-longevitous “Earth II” somewhere far enough away from our present doomed Sun to at least extend our Survival if not our erstwhile ‘Thrival’.

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