Text of a letter sent to the Israeli Ambassador in London yesterday

Lord Hylton

I should be most grateful if you would ask your Government to defer, or better still, cancel the deportation from East Jerusalem of the following persons:

Mr Khalid Abu Arafa, former Minister for Jerusalem Affairs;

Mr Ahmed Attoun;

Mr Mohamed Abu Tayr;

Mr Mohamed Imran Totah

All four were elected to the Palestinian Legislature in 2006.

As you may know they have suffered long separation from their families during the time when they were imprisoned. If they are deported they will be at risk of permanent separation because they and their families would lose the right to return to their own properties.

I am making this request on both humanitarian and political grounds. If the deportations are carried out, possibly as soon as July 2nd, the 4th Geneva Convention will be breached and the status quo will be further damaged, at a time when at least some negotiations are in progress.

I am writing at greater length about this matter to our Foreign Secretary. I am also asking a Question in the House of Lords, and drawing attention to the deportations by other means.

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  1. 01/07/2010 at 11:31 am

    i wholeheartedly support both peaceful-revolution and friendly Method III winwinwin Needs and Hows and Problem Solving; for the Middle East and within that between Israel and Palestine and between Palestine and Israel.
    However, there is a big question still not peaceably answered, and this topic area seems appropriate to suggest it:
    Surely, dear Lords, there are bodies of experts at hand in Britain, Europe and the USA (at least) who could tell us the comparative percentages of population-numbers, land-areas, economic resources and ‘stock-in-ground’, possessed by
    A. the Whole of the ‘Arab world’;
    B. the Israeli ‘world’;
    C. each of Israel’s neighbouring nation-states ?

    An obvious reason for broadcasting such information comes in the simple, but possibly ‘debate-opening’ question:
    “Since the Arab peoples and nation-states possess mind-bogglingly extensive land-hectarages, why do they continue so rampantly-intent upon making war just to take possession of a relatively few small acreages of Israeli land ?”

    And isn’t it still the case that there are huge numbers of Arab people that, once they have ‘regained’ and occupied that tiny amount of Israeli land, are still intent upon chopping up the Israeli people and throwing them into the Mediterranean sea ?

    Can any governance or expert body or person in Britain tell us if Method III cooperative-problem solving is
    (i) known to the powers-that-be
    (ii) known by the Peoples involved
    (iii) actually being used with success; anywhere in the world ?

    And if not, pray why not ?

    • Lord Hylton
      Lord Hylton
      06/07/2010 at 10:59 am

      The difficulty is usually the practical one of getting busy people with sufficient influence to sit down and devote time to analysis of the causes of conflict and to joint roblem-solving

    01/07/2010 at 4:49 pm

    May I ask My Lord, what happens should these men not be Deported? Is it a risk to Israels Security? The situation is a trying one in the region in general, and one wishes one could find an easier solution, but such a solution is not visible, and so I ask this.

    • Lord Hylton
      Lord Hylton
      06/07/2010 at 11:01 am

      I doubt if these elected MPs present any security risk at all. If they did they would be equally dangerous, whether in East Jerusalem, as at present, or in the West Bank or elsewhere.

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