What the minister meant…

Lord Norton

parl_pic5bbIt has been a hectic week.  I have been building up a list of things to blog about: the London bus syndrome may apply shortly.  In the meantime, I thought readers may be interested in an exchange between Liberal Democrat peer Lord Thomas of Gresford and the minister, Lord Tunnicliffe, at the conclusion of the debate in the Moses Room on Tuesday on the Probate Services (Approved Bodies) Order 2009:

“Lord Thomas of Gresford: Does the Minister agree that “run-off procedures” is perhaps not an appropriate phrase?

Lord Tunnicliffe: I am sure that I meant something intelligent by that.  I shall perhaps send a note with a better term.  Or perhaps the noble Lord could use in his mind the phrase that I should have used.”

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  1. 18/06/2009 at 3:18 pm

    What a magnificently entitled piece of legislation! One would surely be most miffed to arrive to avail oneself of the probate service only to find that the body in question had been unapproved.

    Which reminds me of a few terms for bodies and job titles. The “Lincolnshire Youth Offending Service” was a case in point, presumably some kind of dialacrime. From the same county, the “Lincolnshire Domestic Violence Co-ordinator” was appointed by the police, presumably in an effort to address the criminal damage caused by rolling pins that had failed to reach their targets. Terrible thing, being unable to co-ordinate one’s domestic violence.

  2. lordnorton
    18/06/2009 at 5:43 pm

    stephenpaterson: I suspect that in Lincolnshire (aka God’s own country) they would not have much to do anyway.

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