Committees in action

Lord Norton
Committee meeting

Committee meeting

Although Parliament has risen for the recess, reports from select committees continue to be published.  Indeed, what has been remarkable so far has been the number published and the publicity they have received.   Although we are now in the quiet season (more commonly known as the silly season), the extent of media coverage has been notable. 

Since both Houses rose on 22 July, no less than thirty-three reports of select committees have been published.  Five have come from Lords committees and another four from Joint Committees.  The rest have come from Commons committees.  Among those attracting particular attention have been the Lords Constitution Committee on the Counter-Terrorism Bill (see my earlier post) and the Joint Committee on Human Rights on a British Bill of Rights. 

Among the less noticed but relevant reports is one from the Public Administration Committee in the Commons welcoming the appointment of Lord Jay of Ewelme, former head of the Foreign Office, to succeed Lord Stevenson as chairman of the House of Lords Appointments Commission.

A full list of the recent reports is available at:

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  1. Emily Ryans
    14/08/2008 at 11:56 am

    Lord Norton,

    I can’t resist pointing out that no *fewer* than 33 reports of select committees have been published…I had hoped my first comment would be slightly more substantial…

  2. lordnorton
    14/08/2008 at 5:59 pm

    I should, of course, have written ‘as many as’!

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