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Data for Development – Measuring Success

Lord McConnell

      This Sunday 22 March marks World Water Day. The importance of access to clean water is now accepted across the world. It provides a basis for a healthy life and a path out of poverty.  Since the adoption of the Millennium Development Goals by the United Nations fifteen years ago, global action…

Build Back Better, But Finish the Job

Lord McConnell

      On my return to Leyte, I was unsure what to expect. The island was the most affected by Typhoon Haiyan in November 2013 and on my last visit in February 2014, the population were still in shock. Beyond the main streets debris still covered land and buildings; huge shops thrown onto the…

‘Leave No One Behind’ – Act in 2015

Lord McConnell CAR Photo

  Today is a big day in a big year. In 2015 the UN will celebrate the significant if incomplete success of the Millennium Development Goals and agree a new set of goals – the Sustainable Development Goals – as the engine for development over the next fifteen years.  And today action2015 has been launched around the world to mobilise groups…