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Report on the surveillance society

Lord Norton

The report of the Constitution Committee on Surveillance: Citizens and the State has now been published.  A HTML version can be read here.  It has attracted considerable media attention: it is the lead story in The Guardian and has been widely covered by the broadcast media, including the BBC. Given that the committee deals with…

Privacy and the media

Lord Soley

Well, Paul Dacre (editor of the Daily Mail) has launched a vitriolic attack on a judge for advancing the cause of privacy! He argues that the powerful will hide behind a privacy law and I would agree if there was one but there isn’t. He is actually complaining about the Human Rights legislation which requires…

News of the World and Privacy

Lord Soley

I received an interesting phone call from the News of the World the other day asking if I would be prepared to go on the media and argue against the need for privacy legislation! I am opposed to a privacy law as I have explained elsewhere and it was clear to me that the News…