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Consensus on Lords Reform!

Lord Tyler

It is so rare that the words “consensus” and “Lords reform” appear in the same sentence that I must report immediately on a very informative discussion in a House committee room on Tuesday evening. Billed as “The Steel Bill and Beyond “ this featured first a dialogue between Dr Meg Russell (of the Constitution Unit…

Making progress on the Byles Bill

Lord Norton

Yesterday (Friday), the House gave an unopposed Second Reading to the House of Lords Reform (No. 2) Bill.  You can read the debate here. The Bill has already been taken through the House of Commons by Dan Byles and was introduced in the Lords by Lord Steel.  The Bill is a shortened version of the…

The House of Lords Bill

Lord Norton

There was a good debate yesterday on the House of Lords Bill, designed to introduce changes to strengthen the House.  There were thirty-five speakers.  Given the number, each back-bench speech was limited to six minutes.  So effective were members in making their points succinctly that we finished ahead of time.  You can read the debate…