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The question of reform

Lord Norton

I had planned to do a post on last week’s two-day debate on the Government’s White Paper and draft Bill on the future of the House of Lords, but decided that as others had already covered it, your interest may already have been satisfied.  I did speak in the debate – I had the good…

Joint Committee

Lord Norton

The report of the Committee of Selection has now been published with the names of the thirteen peers who are nominated by the committee to serve on the proposed Joint Committee on the Draft House of Lords Reform Bill.  They are: Labour: Baroness Andrews, Lord Richard, Lord Rooker, Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean Conservative: Lord…

White Paper and Draft Bill

Lord Norton

The Govermment’s White Paper and House of Lords Reform Draft Bill got a poor reception in both Houses.  The media have been underwhelmed by the Government’s proposals and decided that they did not really merit being treated as headline news.  This is hardly surprising given that the White Paper really added little to what had…