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Dreaming of the Health Bill

Baroness Thornton

If it already feels like total immersion in the Health and Social Care Bill I cannot imagine what it will be like when we actually get to consider the blessed thing on the floor of the House. The whole world seems to feel the need to send briefing about the Bill Yesterday for example, I…

The NHS is just fine?

Baroness Murphy

When there’s a big bill coming up, like the Health and Social Care Bill, progressing in stately fashion through its committee stages in the Commons at the moment, there are numerous briefings and meetings organised to hear the views of the various groups of ‘stakeholders’ who may be affected by the bill. Baroness Thornton, an…

Peculiar hours

Baroness Murphy

Someone commented on our odd hours; I think it was in response to Lord Norton’s blog about our especially early start at noon next Tuesday for the long Lisbon Treaty Debate, which I am looking forward to. We have had lots of ministerial and opposition briefing about it and while I started out as quite…