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Don’t die of ignorance

Guest Contributor

Twenty five years ago when I was Health Secretary the Government mounted a high profile campaign warning of the dangers of HIV and AIDS. At that time AIDS was a death sentence and public education was one of the few weapons we had. Over the last quarter of a century much has changed. In particular,…

Debate on Wednesday – thoughts please

Hansard Society

Good news. I have secured time for a debate in the Lords on this Wednesday afternoon from 3.45pm on our report ‘Are the Lords Listening? Creating connections between people and Parliament’. Our report has certainly had some effect. Members of the House of Lords and the Administration are using the internet much more to describe…

Is anybody listening?

Lord Dholakia

Some people may wonder if the House of Lords generates much publicity. Does anyone really know what’s going on in the Lords? The answer can be surprising.  On the 27th February I posed a question in the Chamber: “My Lords, the Government of Sri Lanka have already announced that they are prepared to hold unconditional…