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How Safe are our Children?

Guest Contributor

Are we making parents unnecessarily fearful about the safety of their children? I think we are. Mega headlines about horrific child murders or brutality obviously worry people and if it does happen to your child it must be the most awful experience imaginable. But what is the real risk? A fascinating study by Professor Pritchard…

Home education

Lord Soley

I have received a number of letters and emails expressing concern about Schedule 1 of Clause 26 of the Children, Schools and Families Bill which sets out the Government’s scheme for compulsory registration and monitoring of all home educated children in England.  The Home Education Advisory Service believes that the proposed powers of local authorities to…

Independent Safeguarding Authority

Lord Soley

I think Baroness Murphy makes some powerful points. I am still unsure about the wisdom of this. Some points of concern can be ironed out but I think the key question is will it prevent abuse? I find a number of people who work with children insisting that it will but Baroness Murphy is right to point…