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Women in Democracy

Baroness Valentine

15-21 November is Parliament Week– an annual event that raises awareness about Parliament and democratic life in the UK. This year, the theme is ‘Women in Democracy’, and I am pleased to support it. My first job was at Barings bank in the 1980s and I was one of the first female executives to work there. At the time,…

The Armada, Art and Advertising

Baroness Valentine

In 1592 Lord Howard of Effingham commissioned a series of ten tapestries to commemorate the defeat of the Spanish Armada (he was Lord High Admiral at the time). In 1616 he sold them to King James 1 for £1,628. By 1660 the tapestries had moved to the Royal Palace of Westminster, where they hung in…

Art, History and Politics

Lord Soley

Before the election I was looking for ways to widen the appeal and scope of Lords of the Blog. The meat of what we do on a daily basis remains the key because we want people outside Parliament to know more about us and our work. That however, is never the whole picture. For me…