The Trafficking of Humans

Lord Hylton

I received this article from a long standing friend in the Philippines.  He is a missionary with many years experience of rescuing and rehabilitating children and young people at serious risk of a lifetime of prostitution and drug dependency. His articles appear in publications in the Philippines, Hong Kong and Ireland.

For Peace in Europe

Lord Hylton

Monday 11th July was the anniversary of the Srebrenica Massacre, carried out in Bosnia in 1995.  I signed the Book of Remembrance in the House of Commons, and attended a Memorial Reception at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Several survivors spoke of their memories of this, the most serious crime in a long process of…

United for Young People

Lord McConnell

Sitting on the floor where Safa’s family live in Kawergosk Refugee Camp in Kurdistan, northern Iraq, I was struck by her disarming smile as she described life as she knew it. She told of surviving on the limited amount food available, worrying about the health and safety of those back home in Syria and her…

Scilly transport in the news

Lord Berkeley

fs160510 FRIST spring newsletter The Friends of the Isles of Scilly Transport (FRIST) newsletter is published this month. It provides and update on the structure of organisations on the islands dealing with transport, the increases in charges and fares to and from the islands and the lack of response from the monopoly provides of transport…

Educating “Kids”

Baroness Deech

It has been a very bad month for those who care about raising our children in a way that develops their potential to the fullest and equips them for a secure future. (It is always an indication of trouble when the headlines refer to them as “kids”!) First, the extraordinary action of so-called caring parents to keep their children out of…

The Ferhadija Mosque, Banja Luka

Lord Hylton

On Saturday 10th May, this famous mosque, designed in the 16th century by the Ottoman architect Sinan, rose like a phoenix from its ashes.  It had been totally destroyed by explosives, not by fighting, during the war in Bosnia.  Banja Luka is the capital in the north-west of Bosnia of Republica Serbska, one of the…

Hinkley – is there a point?

Lord Holmes

Despite the deals, dual fuel and constant noise about changing your supplier, domestic suppliers of energy still appear to make the process opaque and painful.  But if you think that’s pain, how about paying almost three times the market price for electricity, indexed to inflation for 35 years – that’s the Hinkley Point proposition.  A…