The Mental Health Difficulties Experienced by Victims of Human Trafficking

Lord Hylton

An article describing these difficulties and the impact they have on the victims’ ability to provide testimony can be found on :



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  1. 03/03/2017 at 8:47 am

    One must scrutinise these two horrors, Human-Trafficking and Mental-Health, at length;

    meanwhile, consider clarifying some governing terminology:

    begin with “Mental Health” –
    1. “Under British Law there is no such legal-entity as “health”,
    nor of holistic-health, nor of ‘mental-health’ ”
    [AgeUK’s free legal advisers currently in Plymouth].

    2. Nor is there any practical and non-medical “Holistic Health building” organisation in Britain.

    3. Nor are our Psychiatrists in sound mind-functioning and ‘mental-health’:-
    your own legislation has laid down that £150 per week is a sufficient living for any individual entitled to live in Britain, to maintain theirself healthy, citizenlike and environmentally supportive.

    But the psychiatrist “needs” 10 times that amount before s/he will even “get out of bed”, quite distinctly from all the professional and business costs involved which are paid out of the overarching employer’s accounts including the so-called (legally-non-existent ?) National Health Service.

    That makes the whole class of psychiatrists at least nine times Deluded – that they are each at least ten human-beings.

    Where can we turn for honesty, sustainworthiness, and emulable leadership, even for holisticly-healthy and non-‘profiteering’ Guidance ?

    How on Earth ever become able to help others in such dire circumstances as victims of human trafficking ?

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