Has the government been drinking again?

Baroness Hayter

Something funny appears to be happening in the Department of Health. Some time ago, the government asked the Chief Medical Officers to review the accepted “Safe Drinking Levels”, in the light of more recent research, to see whether the 21 units per week (for men) and 14 units (for women) were still “best evidence” limits.…

The Meaning of Advent

Lord Hylton

The English word comes from the Latin “adventus” meaning coming, as in the coming of the Anglo-Saxons to England.  Advent calendars are now fashionable. Is the opening of their little windows just something to increase children’s anticipation of exciting Christmas presents? Or could it be something more? The Good-news is that God so loved the…

River of Poppies at the Tower of London

Lord Hylton

My grandfather, Raymond Asquith, was killed in 1916 in the battles on the Somme. His three brothers survived the war, though one was shell-shocked.  Other members of my family served at home and abroad during World War II. I therefore joined the many thousands who went to see the Tower moat, turned crimson red.  Mass…

The Politics of UKIP

Lord Hylton

A long-standing friend of mine is standing for UKIP in a Yorkshire constituency at the coming general election.  He views current politics in 18th century terms as the country versus the court parties, with UKIP in the country role. It seems to me that he and his fellow candidates will attract not only nationalist and populist…

Unelectable party leaders.

Baroness Murphy

I like Ed Milliband, what’s not to like? He seems a kind enough good hearted chap with the sense to slide silently backwards away from the catastrophic union links which saw him elected as leader of the Labour party. OK, so he forgot to register his own children as his own, OK so he couldn’t…

Directionless travel

Baroness Deech

Have you noticed that there aren’t any large comprehensive printed timetables on display boards at your station any longer? I am a regular commuter through Reading station, where redevelopment has been going on for years now. Millions have been spent to “iimprove” it and the work is not yet over. I used to be able to…

Stop this Futile Inquiry

Baroness Murphy

Public money will be poured into this McCarthy-like witch-hunt of the great and good, it will be entertaining for the public and will almost certainly do nothing but harm. We should concentrate on the here and now and protect those at risk in the future.

Age Analysis

Lord Tyler

Hot news!   I have just had a reply from the indefatigable House of Lords Library team giving me the most recent breakdown of Peer’s ages.   There are just 2 under the age of 40 and 29 over the age of 90, though by my count 12 of the latter are amongst those who have “taken…