Be careful what you wish for

Baroness Deech

The issue of press regulation came back again when on 2 April Baroness Hollins asked a question about what progress had been made in establishing a new system of regulation in the year since the Royal Charter was agreed.  From the floor of the House there was almost unanimous support for what are regarded as the…

Finding out about the House of Lords

Lord Norton

The House of Lords has a strong commitment to outreach and engagement.  This includes the  ‘Peers in Schools’ programme as well as this blog, a unique collaboration of members drawn from different parts of the House.  The House also publishes a range of literature to explain what it does and to provide data on its…

Consensus on Lords Reform!

Lord Tyler

It is so rare that the words “consensus” and “Lords reform” appear in the same sentence that I must report immediately on a very informative discussion in a House committee room on Tuesday evening. Billed as “The Steel Bill and Beyond “ this featured first a dialogue between Dr Meg Russell (of the Constitution Unit…

Thoughts for the Week – International Comparisons

Lord Hylton

Why are international sanctions appropriate when Russia illegally annexes the Crimea, but not when Israel illegally occupies and colonises the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and  blockades Gaza? Why have more than twenty years passed since the Oslo Agreement, without a just solution for Palestinians and for the millions of refugees outside Palestine?  

The transparency bill fails its first test

Baroness Hayter

During the recent passage of the Transparency Bill, Labour, Cross Bench and some government Peers sought to amend the first part which deals with a Statutory Register of Lobbyists.  Ex Ministers and former civil servants stressed that its coverage – only requiring meetings with Ministers or Permanent Secretaries to be declared – was nonsense, as…