Baroness D’Souza

Living Below the Line – an impact for everyone?

Baroness D'Souza

Having just got to the end of five days of living on £1 or less a day, I celebrated with two hard-boiled eggs, toast and marmite and some freshly-ground coffee.  It tasted wonderful and was greatly appreciated. But this exercise has been an incredibly sobering experience for me. I have spent many years working in…

Crossbench Voting Independence!

Baroness D'Souza

Last week during a rather tense debate on Police Reform, a distinguished Crossbencher mentioned that he spoke from the ‘relative neutrality of the Cross Benches’ at which some peers snorted – a touch derisively. In the last Labour administration I was called in by the Front Bench to “explain the role of the Crossbenchers” which unfortunately…