Loss of Sir Peter Tapsell

Lord Norton

The House of Lords has lost a number of members through death over the past few months.  The Commons has also just lost a former senior member in the form of Sir Peter Tapsell.  He was Father of the House of Commons from 2010 until his retirement in 2015 and came across as the grandest of Tory grandees.  In practice, he was highly perceptive, variously got it right where governments got it wrong, and was the master of the withering parliamentary question.  He was also an active attender of meetings of the 1922 Committee.  He was a wonderful source for when I was writing the 90th anniversary history of the 1922 – he had served as a member for more than half the period that the 1922 existed.  I knew him since shortly before he was elected as MP for Horncastle in 1966 and in many respects he did not change much over the years.  He was very much his own man.  It was a shame he was not elevated to the peerage after he retired – I know it was something he would have liked – as he would have been an asset to the House.

I have penned a short recollection on my own blog.