Join me in supporting the cross-party ‘Do No Harm’ amendment to EU (Withdrawal) Bill

Lord Warner

Whatever one’s position on Brexit, an issue I hope we can all agree on is the health of our citizens. That is why I have tabled a cross-party ‘Do No Harm’ amendment to protect the public’s health in the EU (Withdrawal) Bill 2017-19. The amendment is supported by the Labour and Liberal Democrat frontbench health spokespeople, Lord Hunt and Baroness Jolly, and crossbench Peer Lord Patel. A growing number of cross-party Peers have also joined me in support of the amendment, including Lord Crisp who spoke in favour of it at Second Reading. It is also supported by 17 medical Royal Colleges, Faculties and societies.

The amendment reads as follows:

Insert the following new clause – “public health

In carrying out their duties and functions arising by virtue of this Act, a Minister of the Crown or a public authority must have regard to the principle that a high level of human health protection must be ensured in the definition and implementation of all policies and activities.”

The public health amendment commits this and future UK and devolved governments, and public authorities, to ensuring that the public’s health and wellbeing continues to be of the highest priority after the UK leaves the EU.

While it may be argued that the Secretary of State for Health already has these powers, this amendment places the duty to ‘do no harm’ on the whole government. It also places the duty on other public authorities, including the devolved nations (with repatriated health competencies) and a wide range of ‘arms-length’ public authorities who play a key role in determining health standards.

With this amendment, we do not seek to bind future governments to existing laws; UK law, of course, will change and evolve. We do however want to acknowledge that we have made huge progress in public health during our time in the EU and ensure that, as we leave, this and future governments are committed to ensure we don’t roll back from that progress.

This amendment will offer the Government an opportunity to reassure the public that the health of the nation is of paramount importance, and is a chance to unite Parliament.

Fellow Peers: please join Lord Hunt, Baroness Jolly and Lord Patel and I in supporting the cross-party ‘do no harm’ amendment after Clause 9 of the EU (Withdrawal) Bill 2017-19, when it’s debated at Committee Stage next week. If successful, it could protect the health of future generations.

3 comments for “Join me in supporting the cross-party ‘Do No Harm’ amendment to EU (Withdrawal) Bill

  1. 14/03/2018 at 6:08 pm

    Our “sage” or “wise” ancestors certainly had insight –

    when they perceived,
    over hundreds of years,
    the “evolution” and living-progress of Seven Divine Human Energies

    Grounding at the Root and Baptismal
    Centring at the Hara and Confirmational
    Boundarying at the Midriff communion
    Bonding at the Heart, Relationships and Marriage
    Sounding at the Throat, Confessional
    Facing at the ‘Third-Eye’ and Ordinational
    Spacing at the Crown and Unction sacramental – reached around age 21 –

    and they attempted to make them sacred human energies,
    absolutely vital both to natural individual human development
    and to collectively civilised development.

    – alas! without actually ‘constituting’ the means to establishing
    either an all-round-generic education thereto,
    nor any other wholesome model of Holistic Health Building Service
    and (Mutual) Self-Help.
    Much more of a priority than Brexit –
    and much higher priority than mere “do no harm to health” therein*

    to be constituted, legislated, established
    and Lifeplace-Implemented throughout the UK —

    is an All-Round Knowledge and Know-How Practical Foundation Education Faculty and Curriculum of Life Enablements as distinct from Workplace Training and Career Skilling.

    The single thing needing to be achieved here,
    starting individually-personally right now too, it is that important and urgent,-
    is the Inclusion of every one of the neglected advances and published knowledge and know-how guidances in all General Education curricula, at all levels.
    [please see Basics lists within not-for-profit, power nor prestige – ; ;].

    It’s no use “closing ranks”, “focusing-down”, and “fighting corner after corner” – each one of us needs to “open-up” to new learning. –

    We need at every level to embrace All-Round Lifeplace-Education Guidances.

    That is the only way you or any-one else is going to fend-off “harm” and establish the All-Round and In-Depth Life-Education and Holistic-Health-Building that every human-being needs – and needs continually, lifelong.
    [incidentally nor to “illness”:
    check with the Mindells Worldwork published in “Sitting In The “Fire” – – ‘you have to work with the “baddies”, not against, not “ban” and “banish” them’]

  2. maude elwes
    19/03/2018 at 4:24 pm

    It all depends on the perception of harm? One man’s harm is another man’s advantage.

    EU withdrawal is flouted as harmful in its very essence to those opposed to Brexit. To those who can’t wait for Brexit to take place immediately, it is seen as advantage. And the British people in the majority know it is advantageous to them in every way. It brings us one step closer to Democracy. The kind of Democracy we want. The one where the power returns to the citizen of this country.

    ‘Do no harm’ can be and no doubt will be, conjured up by anti Brexit lawyers to be very harmful indeed to the majority of this country.

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