Lords keeping up with events

Lord Tyler

The House of Lords has a fusty reputation, always behind the times. But we can move quite quickly if we want to. There is a new item for our business today: we will be interrupted for an hour or so for the Government to tell us what is happening in the row with the Russians.

After the assassination in London of a Russian refugee British detectives wanted to interview a suspect from Moscow. The Russian Government blocked this, and claimed that our Government was just causing trouble. Now they are trying to close down British Council offices, which offer educational and cultural services to Russian people. This topical issue will get a full airing this afternoon.

I have a special interest, because I am due to take part in a following debate on the reform of the Lords. This was to be fairly late anyway. Now it will be later still, perhaps not starting until 5.30pm. That will mean that I will probably miss my last train home to Cornwall. And I have an early morning meeting there tomorrow about energy conservation.

The Russians are certainly not helping me to conserve my own energy !