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Politicians and lying

Lord Soley

‘All politicians are liars’. Or are they? It’s a difficult pitch to defend in the present climate but in my long experience I think most politicians are no more or less truthful then the average person. What a politician says is very often recorded either by the media or by Hansard. So unless you are…

Custard and politicians

Lord Soley

There is something deep in the British psyche that has given a long history to custard throwing and most of us in politics have experienced it in some form at one time or another. Sometimes our families are in the firing line. Many years ago my partner was hit by an egg when she answered…

Public attitudes towards the press

Lord Norton

I received yesterday a copy of the survey of public attitudes towards conduct in public life carried out by BMRB Social Research for the Committee on Standards in Public Life.   The survey, conducted earlier this year, covers the media as well as politicians.  Its findings on the media tend to reinforce the points made in my…