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Welcome, everyone

Baroness Murphy

I’m excited this blog site is finally going live tomorrow and hope very much ‘you lot out there’ will want to talk to us and tell us what’s on your mind. The peers taking part have been more or less talking to each other while getting the hang of it. Some of us, unlike former…

Trust the Experts?

Lord Tyler

In the last week I have discussed the role of the House of Lords with two groups of students (40+ at a Sixth Form College in Taunton and later 40+ from Hull University), as well as some 30 middle-ranking civil servants and a couple of exceptionally erudite Canadian commentators. Two impressions are left from all…

lords reform

Lord Lipsey

I am in favour of very radical reform of the Lords, its arcane and inefficient procedures, a statutory appointments commission, the end of hereditaries, the eviction of criminals and tax evaders and much more taking of evidence and less speechifying. The only reform to which I am wholly opposed is election.

House of Lords Reform

Baroness D'Souza

This was published today in the Times and brings the total correspondence in the past couple of weeks to five letters of which four strongly support if not a wholly appointed House of Lords at least a plea that the forthcoming White Paper takes the majority vote in favour of an all appointed House into…