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“It is time to do things differently”

Lord McConnell

              Our event this week in Bujumbura (introduced in my previous blog) is split into two parts. Special UN Envoy Mary Robinson’s consultation and mobilisation in support of the Framework of Hope will be followed by a Great Lakes Regional Conference on United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 –…

Can we dare hope for peace at last in Eastern DRC?

Lord McConnell

The apparently never ending cycles of violence in and around the eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo have been followed (always ‘followed’ unfortunately) by cycles of international interest that have failed to deliver change and build a permanent peace. Can the latest international effort really be different? Can we dare to hope for…

Halfway there

Lord McConnell

I am writing this as I travel from Scotland to London, Monday ‘lunchtime’, halfway through Live Below the Line 2013. My 5 day challenge began on Friday at midnight, and after a weekend of porridge, soup and a baked potato cautiously shared across two days, I am probably lighter but certainly nervous about coping in…