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Lords voting on tuition fees


Thursday was the most alarming day I’ve spent in Westminster.  More so than the march against the Iraq war or the Countryside Alliance protest, the atmosphere was intimidating.  It felt safer to stay put in the Palace of Westminster, and some Parliamentarians had problems getting in to do their jobs (see Clive Soley’s blog).  Like…

Should unelected Lords debate electoral reform?


To most people the very notion of the unelected Lords debating amd voting on electoral reform will seem very odd. Indeed there are those who argue that it is none of our business. I disagree. The Lords has a constitutional role to scrutinise the Government, to debate and report on issues of current concern, and…

Now the real work has started..


The fact that I didn’t manage to blog last week is a fair indication that it got a little busy.  The Lords was busy enough, but as a 45 year old I still have a fair chunk of mortgage to pay off so I was also earning money.  For example, whilst last Friday was a sitting day…