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Can we end female genital cutting in a generation?

Baroness Valentine

Back in wintry February, I hosted an event for a charity I support – Orchid Project – to mark the International Day against female genital cutting (FGC, also known as female circumcision). At the event, Senegalese hip-hop artist and activist Sister Fa stood alongside two Government Ministers and spoke about her belief that FGC can…

A dilemma on Sark

Baroness Valentine

I’ve spent the weekend on Sark, a 3 mile long Channel Island lying off the coast of Guernsey. It feels a bit like Cornwall/Britanny with lovely wild flowers and gorse. And a bit olde worlde, with horse drawn carriages and tea rooms serving scones. The island is politically independent of the UK and ruled by…

Chinese tourist visas

Baroness Valentine

Good launch on Wednesday with Mark Harper, the immigration minister of the UK China Visa Alliance. They’re trying to make it easier for high spending Chinese tourists to enter the Country – at the moment we get five times fewer of these than France – because a Schengen visa gets you to 26 European countries…