Hope for Bosnia

Lord Hylton

I give below the text of a letter from Rev Donald Reeves, former rector of St James’s Piccadilly, and now Director of the charity called “The Soul of Europe”.  The National conference he mentions is not yet fully funded

“I am grateful for the generous coverage of the service at Westminster Abbey, recalling the events at Srebenica twenty years ago (Srebenica mother makes plea -10th July).  It is probably too much to hope that the considerable interest in Bosnia which Srebenica evokes could continue for Bosnia is broke, politically chaotic and in danger of disintegrating with the Serbian entIty, the Republika  Srpska, declaring independence.

Every top down initiative from the international community has failed in Bosnia. The latest was announced last autumn when a reform plan was presented by the UK and German governments for removing some of the obstacles for integrating with Europe and promising considerable funding. At the last moment this was rejected by the Bosnian Serbs.

Therefore a consortium of local NGO’s is being set up to hold a National conference on the Future of Bosnia Herzogovina. – at which politicians will be invited initially as observers. The purpose of the Conference is to draw attention to the demands and needs of Bosnian citizens Groups will be set up to look at proposals in detail. Six months later the Conference will reconvene. This initiative will be led by local NGO’s with the encouragement and support of the Soul of Europe, drawing on our experience of 15 years in the Balkans.

In his bidding prayer at the Westminster Abbey service the Dean spoke of looking for ‘signs of hope, forgiveness and reconciliation’ This initiative could be a sign of hope. We shall invite the Bosnian religious leaders but experience has shown that beyond fine words they are unwilling to be involved.

The Revd Donald Reeves,MBE, The Soul of Europe,  The Coach House, Church Street, Crediton EX17 2AQ”

If you know of any sources of support for this, please contact him or me









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  1. maude elwes
    30/07/2015 at 10:47 am

    Lets hope that Bosnia doesn’t find itself in the same debt grip as Greece, where the reality of ‘Globalism’ is, at last, showing its true colours. Will they be able to keep their heads above water with the weight of those outside their state leaning on them unmercifully?

    This morning we read in our UK papers the most appalling move being taken by these same Globalists against the Greek people. Here it is.


    This move affects every single European citizen, including us in the UK. It is an attack on our right to choose and our right to question. In fact, it removes our right to remain individual democratic states.

    What should happen in Greece and perhaps some other countries, who are suffering a similar fate to the Greek people is, for them to set up a non convertable currency. Which means it cannot be converted to any other currency. It cannot be traded in shares or borrowed or lent not used to buy shares. Not used in any form of credit. Restricted only to the real economy buying and selling. It cannot be used to buy insurance or stocks or anything that would be convertable. It can only be used for direct purchase within the borders of a country producing it. To transfer within its domain only to be used for goods and services. It must have no artificial use. It cannot be passed to those who are not citizens, like tourists or visitors.

    This would instantly solve the immediate crisis of starvation and stagnation within their society. It could then be expanded upon as events improved.

    Who knows whether the fate of Bosnia is in the same strangle hold.

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