Thames Tideway Tunnel: DEFRA refuses to provide data, and then rejects Binnie conclusions due to lack of data!

Lord Berkeley

Prof Chris Binnie’s most recent report is a result of the Environment Agency releasing some data on dissolved oxygen content in the river.  Prof Binnie had to use FoI to obtain it, and only got a proportion of what he asked for.   I sent this report to Lord de Mauley who responded that Prof Binnie’s conclusions could not be relied upon since he did not use enough data. This is of course the data that EA did not send to Prof Binnie.

So the latest DEFRA reason for rejecting any technical opposition to the Thames Tideway Tunnel may be sumamrised as:

‘We reject your conclusions because they are based on insufficient data and we refused to provide the additional date he asked for’.

xt150228 Tony Berkeley to Lord de Mauley

xt150224 annex to de Mauley letter

xt150224 de Mauley to Lord Berkeley and Professor Binnie’s report on environmental impact of combined sewer overflow

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  1. MilesJSD
    02/03/2015 at 7:17 pm

    Just what is this Establishmentalitarianly Infinite, Perpetual,
    and Adversary-Law Guaranteed
    ‘Infallibility’ ?
    – that is so well fed, provisioned, protected, propertied, and armied,
    that it can withhold vital facts and factors
    such that all others can go ‘fight each other and fade away’ ?

    What is this Adversary-Law-Righteous Establishment, such that
    it alone claims “individual ownership of vital lifesupportive knowledge and documentation”
    and of “right to many human-livings over and above the healthily-essential ‘one-humanbeing needs only one-human-living’ ” ?

    Why do they rule that
    “There is no UK entity ‘Health’ –
    under British Law, Economics, and professional-Understanding,
    ‘health’ can not be priced and defined, therefore can not exist ?”.

    And by Adversary-Law,
    by the Infallible Grace of the World-Leading Democratic Monarchy,
    by the world-exemplary “Fail-Safe” doubly democratic two Houses of Parliament,

    by the Godliest and Most-Moral Church of England,
    by the great British Equal-Justice-For-All, Judiciary,
    by the Best UK Universities, Schools, & Community Educations-For-All

    they rule by constituting, legislating, and regulating, that
    “Our needs are right – yours are wrong’ as the only reliable Fairplay and Justice System” –

    ” -and isn’t it clear that “We the Governance-Experts alone are the Essential Sovereign Power” and rightful owners of all Knowledge;.

    whilst others and lessers, increasingly downwards, are dutibound expendable – whom Arbeit Macht Frei “.

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