Celebrating Commonwealth designers at London Fashion week

Baroness Valentine

I am looking forward to attending “Splendours of the Commonwealth”, (www.splendoursofthecommonwealth.com) on September 12th at the May Fair hotel. It’s a catwalk show, celebrating talented fashion designers and models from the Commonwealth as part of London Fashion Week.  London Fashion Week has grown to become one of the big four global fashion trade shows, promoting the eclectic British approach to fashion.

Models from the 'Splendours of the Commonwealth' fashion show

The proceeds from this show will support the Commonwealth Countries League Education Fund (CCLEF) (http://www.ccl-int.org/) which has sponsored thousands of bright girls through secondary education since 1967 across 25

Commonwealth countries.  Without their help, these girls would not otherwise receive an education and their lives would be very different indeed.  The charity’s founders, the Commonwealth Countries League (CCL), were formed out of the suffragette movement in the 1920s, and they work with the High Commissions in London.

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  1. MilesJSD
    03/09/2013 at 7:24 pm

    We read that
    (“)without financial support from a Charity, thousands of bright girls would not receive ‘an education’ and their lives would be ‘very different’ indeed(“).

    Why is Economic-Sector and State-Funding not sufficient to give these ‘bright’ girls a normal schooling through secondary and tertiary stages, as through the British system ?

    After all, it is reported from Academia that
    “You can become the best doctor or lawyer in the world, without any education at all;
    but what you must have is the right Training and the right job-placements at the right times”.

    What is all this vapidly snobbish gassing about “a decent job”, “an education”, and “brightly-upwards social mobility” ?

    Why are those bright girls not bright enough to have their Training funded by the Economics or ‘Private’ Sectors’ billionaires who will willy-nilly are profiteering from such bright persons’ working-lives ?

  2. Bumble Bee
    04/09/2013 at 8:19 am

    That kind of charity event, whilst parading the elite, at the same time as the Cats, is duplicity in deed, whoever founded it, and wherever the money goes.

  3. maude elwes
    04/09/2013 at 10:27 am

    Could it be that the bright girls you mention, are overtaken by the bright effeminate boys, who, because of politically correct selection agencies, run by the state, knock them down the ladder of opportunity? So as to ensure minority gays are selected first in order for them to qualify for a serious financial leg up, which serves to push these ‘talented’ ladies out of the running?

    You see, positive discrimination invariably works to minimize another persons opportunity… Funny that.

    And as Miles cleverly suggests, those billionaires who refuse to pay their rightful taxes, and want the rest of the population to fund their future human resources, should turn toward a little largess themselves. It’s known as ‘philanthropy’ which they, once again, are allowed tax right offs to indulge in and to encourage.

    • MilesJSD
      06/09/2013 at 1:25 pm

      So it is not only the ecolonomic duty

      [of the ‘Private’, ‘Economic’, and Multiple-Human-Livings-Drawing Individuals, Sectors]

      to fully fund the Training of its supporters, workforces, earners and protectors,

      it is their moral place to apply largess philanthropicly, as well;

      [maude elwes. do you not agree – ?]

      “not in place of, nor to in any way diminish, their ecolonomic duty to provide and pay for all of the Training
      (including under its whitewashing-usurping-title “Education”)
      of all future workers/employees”.
      Re “positive discrimination”
      and its increasingly deeply entrenched but insidiously-inhibitive & wasteful parent, “Reinforcement Theory” ( – both the Positive and the Negative ends thereof -)

      it is past high-time for the much more positivising and less-wasteful individual human development sustainer, “Perceptual Self-Control Theory
      (viz Professor W.Powers’s team’s actually first published “Perceptual Control Theory” (inside-textually saying clearly “but … control of self … not of others …”)
      to take over from that too-long-domineering Reinforcement theory
      and be high-priority genericly established throughout Human Societies
      but especially so top-priority across the mandatory entrance requirements for all University Education and all Job Training institutions and foundation-courses.

      [See also the other, individual-cum-social, human develoment team’s work, as published by Professor Caroline Dweck in “Self-and-Others Theorisation Theory” and her later confluencing “Mindset”].

  4. Bumble Bee
    06/09/2013 at 9:54 am

    The fact about the catwalk is that the models are well paid chattel, just the same as the cows and bulls that are made to walk up and down at the county show.

    The charity onlookers are the masters, and the metaphor extends to the, children of the African sub-continent.

    Aren’t we kind?

    • maude elwes
      06/09/2013 at 12:22 pm

      Except that the models are emaciated and forced into starvation if they want the job.

      You see they must look like the ‘lady boys’ of Thailand if they are to satisfy the vision of their designer masters. Breast are an anathema as are the rounded luscious hips of the female form in their natural sexy (to the male hetero) state.


      And how authentic women look. The problem being the designers cannot dress the genuine article because they don’t know how.


      However, I blame the women, they go along with this clap, akin to the ‘Kings New Clothes’ syndrome. Afraid to speak the truth in case they will be cast aside. Which is, of course, set into practice by the reigning politics. The underlying rhythm of all art stems from the politics of the day.

      • MilesJSD
        23/09/2013 at 11:07 pm

        maude, please:
        (“)forced into practice by the domineering politics (“)
        surely ?

  5. Honoris Causa
    26/09/2013 at 9:09 am

    I don’t see why a man dressed like a woman and being very beautiful, rather than handsome, should not perform in public if there is a demand for it.
    Decadent Rome? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Freaks have always been interesting to the wider public, and if that sells clothes, then sell them!

  6. Honoris Causa
    30/09/2013 at 11:14 am

    It is the argument against “making an object” out of somebody/people which is the one I much prefer but it’s not just the entirely false value of footballers , models, singers and so on, which is so objectionable.
    I read a fiction work about a gladiator of ancient Rome recently, and considering the very solid basis of the British empire constitution on that of ancient Rome, I wonder how long it will be before, we have gladiators fighting and killing other people,for a living in front of a crowd, in these islands.

    It’s happened already; the gripping battle of the Iraq war with cameramen
    implanted in the battle lines to show REAL news. It is not news at all; it is
    mere gladiatorial contest written on to a small screen.

    The value of sportsmen is a despicable example of modern capitalist thinking ( while not condemning capitalism in its entirety), but we have to go back further than Rome to ancient Greece for the worthy parallel to that. And where have modern Games got us to, or modern football stadia?
    The Nepalese and Bangla deshi workers in Qatar are said to be slave labour for the purpose 4000 of whom may die before the work is complete.

    This making of false value is spread to the art market, where people like the late David Frost, was able to sponsor an artist, in such a way that the cost of his work disappeared out of all proportion to the effort or workmanship of the artistic item sold.

    Footballers kick: models slink; artists daub. If any of them does so with
    perfect beauty then re-imburse them for the effort but not as items to be bought and sold on an international market for sums out of all proportion with reality!

    The great painters of earlier years, Goya, Velazquez, Rubens, made their work seem consummately easy whilst going to the greatest, time consuming pains to achieve it.

    Worst of all is the cult of Rugby football, in a state of chaos at the moment, as the game has always been on the field, but now in board room too Here, the challenge on the field often seems to be, to maim and cripple as many people as they can, and win the game. Off it, the
    Hospital surgeons, who invented and promoted the game in the early years of it, in the 1880s, have a field day in the NHS hospitals crippling and maiming (and causing the death) of patients who think they are going to be cured of their ills. In the words of Leonard Cohen… in the hospital….
    “Where none was sick and none was well”
    the system “induces” much of the illness, which it then sets out to cure.
    Knock him to bits on the field, and then take him to hospital ,to heal him of his ills; after all it’s only a game. And yet the cult of rugby football now has high earners, of “object” status, whom youth are supposed to emulate, with passionate enthusiasm, and not just the boys!

    The game is the one thing that encourages young soldiers to become aggressive battle field campaigners. Once they have played rugby, they then understand what battle fields are all about, usually those of foreign wars, but the field of battle is most often that of the road and highway outside everybody’s door.

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